Clear Pyrex Profile - Sculptured Ovenware (1972) 

"The only way we could improve Pyrex was to make it more beautiful," said a Corning product manager when Sculptured Ovenware debuted in early 1972.  Resembling cut crystal, round bowls embellished with a teardrop design formed the basis of the product line.  When equipped with lids, the bowls became casseroles, and a round under-plate or tray was provided for each one.


Pyrex Sculptured Ovenware 2.5 Qt casserole & tray
Pyrex Sculptured Ovenware 2½ Qt casserole with tray or under-plate.

Initially three sets were offered: 1½ Qt covered casserole & 10" tray; 2½ Qt covered casserole & 11" tray; three piece bowl set, 1½ Qt, 2½ Qt, 4 Qt.

By the mid 1970s a fourth set added six 16 oz bowls to a 2½ Qt covered casserole & tray.

Three 16 oz bowls paired with a larger 12" round tray comprises a Triple Treat Set.

A Hostess Set uses a 12" round tray as well, but with four 10 oz bowls.

A 12" round tray also was part of a Party Bowl Set, alongside one 16 oz bowl.

The Salad Set combines a 2½ Qt bowl, 11" tray, and four 16 oz bowls.  Metal salad utensils were also provided with this set.

A 1½ Qt bowl, 10" tray, and four 10 oz bowls are in a Dessert Set.

A Toddy Set is one 4 Qt bowl equipped with a metal ladle.

Two different sets of individual bowls also exist: four 16 oz bowls, six 10 oz bowls.

There might be more sizes, shapes and set combinations too.


Sculptured Ovenware, 1972 brochure
1972 brochure.  It illustrates the first three sets.

Bowls are not marked with capacities or model numbers, but they can be identified by their diameters: 10 oz = 4½", 16 oz = 5½", 1½ Qt = 7¾", 2½ Qt = 8¾", 4 Qt = 10¼".  Lids are 7¾" & 8¾", the same diameters as the bowls they correspond with.

In general, Sculptured Ovenware does not have many markings at all.  Bowls and trays are branded either "Pyrex" or "Pyrex Ovenware" in very tiny lettering, and lids are not even marked with a brand name.  Other product information that typically appears on Pyrex is also absent.


16 oz & 10 oz Sculptured bowls
Sculptured Ovenware 16 oz bowl and 10 oz bowls.

During the mid 1970s Sculptured Ovenware lids were also used with round Buffet Server shaped Corning Ware, in Merry Mushroom & Spice O' Life.  For this product line, there is a third lid that fits the large skillet and Dutch oven, but it does not fit a 4 Qt Sculptured bowl.

Sculptured Ovenware in ordinary clear Pyrex disappeared about 1979, but the shape was revived in the early 1980s with a dark brown Fireside tint.  There might be only one set made in this colour, combining a 4 Qt bowl with four 16 oz bowls.  It was advertised during 1983, but its exact introduction date is not known.


16 oz Sculptured bowl, Fireside
Sculptured Ovenware 16 oz bowl, Fireside tint.

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