Pyrex Profile - Shenandoah (1981)

Following the discontinuance of Butterfly Gold & Spring Blossom Green Pyrex Compatibles, Shenandoah was introduced during late 1981.  Although it seems unrelated to Corelle, there is a connection.  Every aspect of Shenandoah's design has been borrowed from Wildflower, first seen in 1977.
When Shenandoah arrived, the only Pyrex Compatible remaining in ovenware & nesting bowls was Woodland.  Accessories for Corelle were moving away from the specific patterns of the Pyrex Compatibles Tabletop Ware line to more generalized products like TableSetters with solid-coloured tops.


Shenandoah 401 nesting bowl, 473 Cinderella casserole
Shenandoah 401 round nesting bowl, 473 Cinderella casserole.
In parallel with this trend, Shenandoah could have been created to harmonize with a variety of patterns by colour co-ordination.  Green & yellow were part of numerous Corelle decorations at the time, particularly in the Expressions line, and Shenandoah being a variation on Wildflower's motif suggests a more literal match too.
Differing from many Pyrex patterns, Shenandoah does not have an alternating colour scheme, and all pieces are yellow with a green pattern.  By the early 1980s oval casseroles had been discontinued and the popularity of refrigerator dishes was declining, so the full range encompasses only nesting bowl sets and Cinderella casseroles.  Most Pyrex opal ware products were discontinued during 1986, and Shenandoah was among them.
In Canada, Shenandoah was named Wintergreen instead, but the pattern is exactly the same.  It is still American-made Pyrex, but in a different box.


Shenandoah 404 nesting bowl
Shenandoah 404 round nesting bowl.


Nesting Bowls:

300-Series Round - 401, 402, 403

400-Series Round - 401, 402, 403, 404

440-Series Cinderella - 441, 442, 443, 444


Cinderella Casseroles (470 Set) - 471, 472, 473

Cinderella Casseroles (460 Set) - 473, 474

Cinderella Casseroles (480 Set) - 473, 474, 475
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