Corning Ware Cookware Use & Care (1982)  

Corning Ware Use & Care Guide, 1982This use & care guide for Corning Ware cookware came with a boxed set of two casseroles in 1.5 L and 2.0 L sizes.  The code printed on the front of the leaflet suggests it was written in 1982.

(Photo: Front cover.)

The pattern is Wildflower, but since this particular set was made in Canada, it was named Springflowers instead.  The reason for Corning Canada changing the pattern's name is not clear, but applications made under Canadian trademark law show that the original intention was to register "Wildflower", but "Springflowers" was chosen later. 

Two piece set, Springflowers/Wildflower
Two-piece cookware set.  It is the usual Wildflower pattern, but this set was named Springflowers.


Corning Ware Springflowers/Wildflower box
These two sizes were combined in a special offer priced at $36.99.  If purchased individually at the regular price, the total would have been $49.45.  Image from original box.


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Advice for stovetop use, frying and boiling, as well as baking and broiling in the oven.  In general, lower temperatures are recommended for most cooking methods.  Corning Ware is also microwavable, no matter how old it is.


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Single serving dishes made of Corning Ware, like Grab-Its and Sidekicks, are not recommended for the stovetop since their sizes and shapes are not suited to this type of use.

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