1974 - Pyrex 1410 Mugs 

Pyrex 1410 mugs date originally to about 1964, but they did not appear with Corelle patterns until late 1974.  They were last available in 1985.  Date ranges on this page pertain to this cup style in general; the dates of each individual pattern vary.
Details on this page are pertinent only to 1410 mugs decorated with Corelle or Pyrex Compatibles patterns, manufactured between the mid 1970s and mid 1980s.  Older mugs produced during the 1960s or early 1970s are not addressed.  They have different markings, like "Corning" or "Pyrex ... 1410 10 oz".


Pyrex 1410 mugs
(top) Woodland Brown, Burgundy, Snowflake Blue, Ribbon Bouquet.
(bottom) Autumn Harvest, Ginger, Honeydew, Blueberry.
As Pyrex Compatibles, 1410 mugs were normally sold separately in sets of four as an optional accessory.  Around 1978, a few 16-piece dinnerware sets and four-piece individual place settings appeared with a 1410 mug in place of the usual cup & saucer, but these sets are not typical.  Blueberry, Ginger and Honeydew are also exceptions and were distributed in 12-piece sets that included 1410 mugs rather than cups & saucers.
1410 mugs are always made of Pyrex.  Although it is true that some older examples are marked with the company name "Corning" instead, the appearance of the glass itself is more informative than the name on it.  Mugs manufactured between the mid 1970s and mid 1980s are branded "Pyrex" on the bottom, along with the model number.
Examples newer than the mid 1970s state the capacity as 300 ml.  This converts to over 10 oz, contradicting the original package which stated 9 oz, itself a slight exaggeration.  Nine ounces fills it to the very top; in practice it holds just less than that.Pyrex 1410 mug backstamp, older & newer
The mid 1970s stamp says simply: "No. 1410 … PYREX … Microwave … USA".  The newer stamp says: "1410 300 ml … PYREX … For Oven and Microwave … No Stovetop or Broiler … Corning NY USA". 

(Photo: Mid 1970s backstamp, top; newer backstamp, bottom.)
Capacity: 8-9 oz.

Autumn Harvest
Butterfly Gold
Old Town Blue
Ribbon Bouquet
Sedgemoor (light blue)
Sedgemoor (light brown)
Snowflake Blue
Spring Blossom Green
Woodland Brown
Creamers & Sugar Bowls:

Pyrex cream & sugar sets were not present at the launch of the Pyrex Compatibles product line, and their introduction date is unclear.  They arrived later, during 1972 or 1973, and remained until mid 1975 when they were replaced by the Corelle open-handle set.


Butterfly Gold small Pyrex cream & sugar set
Small Pyrex creamer & sugar bowl, Butterfly Gold.
Both pieces borrow their shapes from Pyrex restaurant ware, and the bowl's original purpose is really a ramekin or bouillon cup.  Both are small and hold about 6 oz.  The sugar bowl is marked "Corning" with the glass-blower logo, and is topped by a clear Pyrex flat lid.  The creamer is usually marked "Pyrex Brand Tableware" with a 722 model number.  Some examples might also be branded as "Corning".

Butterfly Gold
Old Town Blue
Snowflake Blue
Spring Blossom Green
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