Corning Ware Profile - Garden Harvest (1994)   

Launched in 1994, Garden Harvest depicts an assortment of vegetables.  Corning Ware was normally decorated with variations of popular Corelle patterns at that time, but Garden Harvest is an exception, appearing only on Corning Ware cookware.  It was offered for a short time, about one or two years.


Corning Ware Garden Harvest, 1-1/2 Qt
Garden Harvest 1½ Qt casserole.

Square casserole sizes in this pattern include: 1 Qt (A-1), 1½ Qt (A-1½), 2 Qt (A-2), 3 Qt (A-3), 5 Qt (A-5), and 10" skillet (A-10, 2½ Qt), plus a rectangular roaster (A-21-B-N, 4 Qt).

In Garden Harvest, glass counter-savers from Vance Industries were official Coordinates.  They are clear with a white plastic backing, rather than glass-ceramic.

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