Corning Ware Profile - Classic Black (1990) 

The first pieces of Classic Black Corning Ware were available in the autumn of 1990, and during spring 1991, a $10 million advertising campaign drew attention to the new product.  A brochure placed in national magazines showcased products from all of Corning's brands, including Corelle, Visions, Pyrex, Revere, and Corning Ware. 


Classic Black F-5 1.6 L round casserole
Classic Black round F-5 (1.6 L, 1½ Qt).
In particular, black was the newest colour trend in housewares, and to the tune of "That Old Black Magic", television commercials presented black as an elegant fashion statement.  Corelle's Madrid and Silk & Roses were featured alongside Corning Ware's Classic Black.
Classic Black Corning Ware is tinted, meaning that the glass-ceramic itself is black, and it is not just a colour applied to the exterior.  Different from ordinary white Corning Ware, the black version is almost transparent under bright light.  Some pieces are thinner than others and can be seen through very easily, but thicker pieces yield only a faint glow.  When it is well lit, a deep ruby colour is revealed.


Classic Black round casserole in bright sunlight
Looking through the bottom of a Classic Black round casserole in direct sunlight.
Classic Black shapes are borrowed from French White, but it does not appear in as many sizes as French White does.  All known shapes & sizes are listed here, but there might be others too.  This colour was on the market for two to three years.

F-5 = 1½ Qt round (1.6 L)

F-3 = 10" pie plate / quiche pan (24 cm)

F-2 = 2½ Qt deep oval (2.8 L)

F-6 = 1½ Qt shallow oval (1.8 L)

F-6/MC-6 = 1½ Qt, 24 oz divided shallow oval (1.8 L, 700 ml)

F-4 = 2½ Qt shallow oval (2.5 L)


Classic Black F-6/MC-6 divided dish
Classic Black F-6/MC-6 divided dish.
Two model numbers appear on the bottom of some divided dishes.  On the outside, they are identical to an F-6 non-divided shallow oval, and divided dishes are also marked "F-6".  When they first appeared in French White, they were placed among Corning's microwave cookware products rather than the regular French White line, so they often carry the number MC-6 too.  Literature and packaging state that the divided dish holds 24 oz (700 ml), but its markings contradict that.
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