Corning Ware Profile: Grab-Its, Sidekicks and other Little Dishes

The Corning Ware "Little Dishes" product line comprised a variety of individually-sized shapes that are suitable for microwave or oven use.  They include: Grab-It (P-150, 15 oz), Grab-A-Meal (P-240, 24 oz), Snack-It (P-185, 6"), Casser-ette (P-14, 14 oz), Sidekick (P-140, 11 oz, 4½" x 6¾"), Main Plate (P-811, 8½" x 11½").  Date ranges on this page pertain to the Corning Ware shapes & sizes in general; the dates of each individual pattern vary.


Corning Ware Little Dishes, image from 1985 catalogue
Corning Ware Little Dishes: Casser-ette, Snack-It, Grab-It, Grab-A-Meal, Sidekick.  Image from 1985 catalogue.


Main Plate: 

Of this group, the first item to appear was the Main Plate (P-811), about 1976.  Initially this oval platter was part of a selection of plain white Corning Ware pieces meant to complement Centura Tableware.  In 1977 it moved to the Corning Ware Microwave Set and was re-named "Micromate Serving Platter", and then "Cook 'N' Serve Platter".  When it became available individually it was called a Main Plate.


Corning Ware Snack-It and Main Plate
P-185 Snack-It, P-811 Main Plate.



Grab-Its (P-150) debuted during 1977 and were included in the same Microwave Set as the Main Plate.  They were also placed among Centura's Corning Ware accessories, but in this context they were called a "Porringer" instead.  Grab-Its were also offered in pairs and in a number of different boxed assortments.  During their first year on the market they were sold uncovered, with no glass or plastic lids.


Corning Ware Grab-Its, Wildflower and Blue Cornflower
P-150 Grab-Its: Wildflower and Blue Cornflower.
Frequently Grab-Its are plain white, but there are some decorated ones, namely: Spice O' Life, Blue Cornflower, Wildflower.  It seems that the latter two patterns are never found on American-made examples, but normally originate from Canada or Australia.
1984 Super Bowl Grab-ItAnother design marks Super Bowl XVIII in 1984.  Grab-Its were also manufactured in beige-tinted Corning Ware with dark brown Fireside Pyrex lids.

(Photo:  P-150, logo says "Super Bowl XVIII ... Tampa Stadium · Tampa, Florida · January 22, 1984".)



Sidekicks (P-140) were introduced during 1978 or 1979, but the shape is older than that.  They were originally meant for airline food service and were marked PL 003, usually along with the name of the airline.  As an ordinary Sidekick they are always plain white, but airline examples often have a decoration of some kind.


Corning Ware Sidekicks, plain white
P-140 Sidekicks, plain white.



Casser-ettes (P-14) debuted in 1979, and they are a shallow oval version of a Grab-It.  They were sold individually as well as in theSpice O' Life Casser-ette, 1985 Catalogue Image Microwave Starter Set.  Normally they are plain white, but they were produced in Spice O' Life too.

(Photo: P-14, Spice O' Life Casser-ette, image from 1985 catalogue.)
A P-270 (1¼ Qt) Corning Ware casserole manufactured in the mid 1980s resembles an oversized Casser-ette, but it is round rather than oval.


Corning Ware P-270 round casserole
P-270 (1¼ Qt) round casserole.  It is not classified as one of the Little Dishes, but a boxed set combined it with a Grab-It and a Grab-A-Meal.  It also resembles a Casser-ette.



A Snack-It (P-185) is a shallow square shape that appeared about 1981.  They were often sold in pairs as well as in a Grab-A-Snack Set which paired a Grab-It with a Snack-It.  Its size was typically stated as 6", but they measure 6¾" from side to side.  Snack-Its are almost always plain white, but Australian-made Blue Cornflower ones also exist.


Corning Ware Casser-ette and Beige Grab-It
White P-14 Casser-ette & Beige P-150 Grab-It.  It seems that all beige Grab-Its are unpatterned.



A Grab-A-Meal (P-240) is an extra-large Grab-It with two handles, introduced about 1982.  It was sold individually and also appeared in a Cook/Heat 'N' Serve Set alongside a Grab-It and a P-270 (1¼ Qt) round casserole.  Grab-A-Meals are most often plain white, but some are decorated with Spice O' Life.


Spice O' Life, Grab-A-Meal and Grab-Its
Spice O' Life: P-240 Grab-A-Meal, and P-150 Grab-Its with two pattern variations.



Clear Pyrex lids were made for Grab-Its, Casser-ettes and Grab-A-Meals.  Plastic lids were sometimes provided for Grab-Its and Casser-ettes, and they are appropriate for food storage, but not for the oven or microwave.



Certain Little Dishes became available in Visions glass-ceramic.  Amber Visions includes: Grab-It, Grab-A-Meal, Casser-ette.  The Grab-It and Grab-A-Meal branched out with Cranberry Visions, but the Casser-ette might not exist in this colour.  In Visions, these items carry the same model number as Corning Ware ones do, but they are prefixed with "V" rather than "P".
A clear Pyrex product from the mid 1990s seems to be modelled after the Casser-ette.  Named a Dessert Utility Dish, it holds 8 oz, and came with a white plastic lid.  Its model number is 328, and it also can be found with a decorative Coca-Cola logo on the bottom in place of the usual Pyrex backstamp.


Visions Casser-ette & Grab-It, clear Pyrex 328 oval
Visions V-14 Casser-ette & V-150 Grab-It, and Pyrex 328 (8 oz) Dessert Utility Dish.
In Cranberry Visions, an H-811 platter is identical to a P-811 Main Plate, but with a round indentation for holding a bowl.  Original packaging called it a Platter with Well, and in many sets, a C-16 (1 pt, 450 ml) was provided, but some sets included a V-150 Grab-It instead.  Although C-16 bowls also exist in Amber Visions, it seems that H-811 platters do not.


Visions H-811 platter, C-16 bowls, Cranberry & Amber
Cranberry & Amber Visions: H-811 Platter with Well, C-16 bowls, lids not shown.  C-16s use plastic lids (V-16-PC).
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