1973 Catalogue - Corning Ware Electromatics 

A catalogue issued in 1973 presented the newest items in the Corning Ware Electromatics product line.  The new Table Range and four colourful percolators with plastic spouts joined the already familiar Electromatic Skillets & Percolators.  The white heating surfaces of both the Table Range and the Electromatic Skillet are made of Corning Ware glass-ceramic.

The following images are a modified version of the brochure, the layout has been altered in order to maintain a legible text size.


The Electromatics by Corning, 1973
Some advertisements described the Table Range as a miniature version of Corning's smooth-top range, the "Counter that Cooks".  Any cookware with a perfectly flat bottom can be used on a Table Range.


The Electromatics by Corning, 1973
Unlike the Table Range, the electric base of an Electromatic Skillet should be used only with a Corning Ware skillet that is the correct size & shape.  During the 1970s, A-22 skillets with perfectly flat bottoms were provided with Electromatic Skillets as well as with Table Ranges.


The Electromatics by Corning, 1973
10 cup Immersible Percolators: Spice O' Life, Blue Cornflower, Floral Bouquet.


The Electromatics by Corning, 1973
The Electromatics by Corning.
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