1963 Advertisement - Blue Cornflower Corning Ware 

From the November 2 1963 issue of Maclean's magazine, this advertisement presents Blue Cornflower, and suggests that Corning Ware is the gift that many women want for Christmas.


Nov 2 1963 Corning Ware Advertisement

"What other gift could look so smart and do such astonishing things.  The lucky lady can cook, bake, broil (or freeze).  Serve from it in perfect style.  Corning Ware cook-and-serve treasures take the coldest cold and hottest heat without a whimper.  Dazzling white, satin-smooth, washes like china.  From $4.95 to $44.95 the choice of items and sets gets wider and wider.  Illustrated above: New Corning Ware Teakettle 12.95; Teapot 3 cup 5.95 (also 6 cup 7.95); New Petite Pan Set 7.95; Skillet 9 inch 6.95; Royal Buffet 80 oz. 13.95; Saucepan Set with detachable handle, serving cradle 18.95; Electromatic Percolator 39.95 (top-of-stove models 12.95 and 13.95).  All gift-cartoned and guaranteed."

The P-105 (2 Qt) teakettle was a recent addition.  Small Petite Pans are shown without lids, since they were originally designed to be their own lid.  The Royal Buffet set includes a chrome candle-warmer cradle.  The casserole's capacity is stated in ounces rather than quarts, since this advertisement is from a Canadian magazine.  Apparently this was a more customary unit of measure in that country at the time.
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