1973 Catalogue - Spice O' Life Corning Ware 

A dealer catalogue from 1973 illustrates the newest pattern, Spice O' Life, as well as Corning Ware's newly updated shape.  It was late 1972 when these products first appeared on retail shelves, but 1973 would be the first time they were featured in the annual catalogue.  The artists who created the Spice O' Life decoration are Alice Kiernan, Patricia Luzier & Gregory Mirow.


2 pages from 1973 Corning Ware catalogue

Text Detail
The text highlights the improvements implemented for all Corning Ware casseroles, namely: flat bottoms, straight sides, larger tab handles, and larger knobs on the lid.


Spice O' Life Coffee Percolator and Teapot, 1973 catalogue.
The familiar vegetable design that defines Spice O' Life, does not appear on percolators & teapots.  Instead the tea & coffee version of the design depicts flowers, nuts and berries.  It is the inclusion of sprigs of herbs that ties it to the motif printed on the cookware.

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