Non-Standard Pyrex Patterns & Colours: Oval Casseroles 

1957 043/943 oval casserole, yellow & charcoal flower
Oval 043/943.  Spring 1957, 043 & 045 casseroles were offered with this design, both with a cradle.  Advertisements called it "smart yellow with charcoal flower decoration".  It was the first printed pattern to appear on a casserole in a special gift promotion set.  The few promotional casseroles that came before this were either solid-coloured or plain white.


Pyrex 045/945 oval casserole, gold hearts on ivory, image from 1958 advertisement
Deluxe Cinderella Casserole, gold on ivory 045/945 (also below).  Image from 1959 advertisement.  It arrived in late 1959.  A different advertisement described it as a "Golden Heart" motif.


Pyrex Deluxe Cinderella Casserole, 045/945 with gold hearts
Deluxe Cinderella Casserole, 045/945 with gold hearts design.


Bluebird Casserole, 043/943
Bluebird Casserole, 043/943.  Introduced during late 1959, it was originally equipped with a metal cradle.  Advertising from that time provides its official name. 


Pyrex Golden Casserole, 045/945, image from 1959 advertisement
Golden Casserole, 045/945.  Image from 1959 advertisement.  It was introduced in late 1959 and depicts a grapevine motif.  It uses a plain clear undecorated lid.


Pyrex 043 oval casserole, Meadow
Meadow 043/943.  Equipped with a cradle, this casserole was offered during spring 1960.  Advertising described it as: "... turquoise 'Meadow' decoration on white."


Pyrex 043/943 oval, the Floral Casserole, image from 1960 advertisement
Floral Casserole, 043/943 casserole (also below).  Image from 1960 advertisement.  This set became available in late 1960.  A modified version of this design returned in 1963 with Golden Honeysuckle.


Pyrex 043/943 oval, the Floral Casserole
Floral Casserole, 043/943 casserole.  Advertising might state that the colour is chartreuse, but it is better described as sage green.


Pyrex 045/945 Deluxe Cinderella casserole, gold on white, image from 1960 advertisement
Deluxe Cinderella Casserole, 045/945 (also below).  Image from 1960 advertisement.  It appeared in late 1960 with no specific name aside from "Deluxe Cinderella Casserole".


Pyrex 045/945 Deluxe Cinderella casserole, classic gold on white
Deluxe Cinderella Casserole, 045/945.  The same gold design was also printed on a beige 404 that was paired with a 626 lid and a cradle.


Pyrex Empire Scroll 043 casserole
Empire Scroll 043/943, gold on white.  It arrived during late 1961, and was originally equipped with a cradle.  An 045 casserole with a completely different design was given the same pattern name in 1965.


Pyrex 045/945 oval casserole, gold on red Deluxe Buffet Server
Deluxe Buffet Server 045/945, gold poinsettia design on red.  It originally came with a dual candle-warmer and was introduced during late 1961.  The lid is also printed with a gold pattern (below).


Pyrex 045/945 oval casserole, gold on red Deluxe Buffet Server
Deluxe Buffet Server 045/945, with decorated lid.  The design also matches the Cinderella Carafe marketed from 1961 to 1964.


Pyrex Golden Classic casserole, 045/945, image from 1962 advertisement
Golden Classic 045/945, gold on yellow.  Image from 1962 advertisement.  It was introduced late 1962 and remained available into 1963.  Its official name was printed on packaging and in advertising.


Dark brown 043/943 with gold tulip pattern
Dark brown 043/943 oval casserole with gold tulip design.  An 045 also exists with this colour variation.

This pattern was normally offered in white on blue, on an 043 casserole that first appeared in late 1964.  If it has an official pattern name, it was not printed on the original box.  A cradle was also included in that set.  Visit the Corning Museum of Glass for a photo of the blue version.  It is unclear whether the brown & gold version is a regular production item, and its exact age is unknown.


Golden Bouquet 043/943 oval casserole
Golden Bouquet 043/943 oval casserole.  It entered the marketplace during late 1965 in a set that also included a cradle.  Its official pattern name was stated in advertising and company literature.


043/943 oval casserole, turquoise with blue patterned opal lid
Oval 043/943 casserole, turquoise with blue patterned opal lid.  Two casseroles could be purchased during 1968 & 1969 with this decoration, the other being an 045/945.  Both sets included baskets rather than metal cradles.  If the pattern has an official name, it was not mentioned in dealer catalogues or on the original box.


Seville 045/945 oval casserole
Seville 045/945 Pyrex oval casserole.  Equipped with a dual candle-warmer cradle, it was available in a gift promotion set during late 1971 & early 1972.


New Holland, 043/943 oval casserole
New Holland 043 oval casserole with 943 lid.  It debuted during late 1973 in a set that also included a matching 045/945 casserole and a cork trivet designed to fit either size.


Others:  A special version of Autumn Harvest was also marketed in a gift promotion set.
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