Corelle Profile: Butterfly Gold (1970)

Introduced in 1970, Butterfly Gold is one of the original Livingware patterns, and it was designed by artist Gregory Mirow.  Until late 1972, dinnerware sets in this pattern were sold with white undecorated bowls.
When this pattern first appeared it came with Centura cups and then switched to Corelle open handle cups in early 1973.  The latter were replaced by Pyrex cups in 1982, which remained until 1986 when Suprema mugs took their place.  Centura cups and Pyrex cups have the same shape, but entirely different glass compositions.  Both Centura and Suprema are glass-ceramics.  From 1974 to 1985, Pyrex 1410 mugs were marketed separately as a Compatibles accessory.


Butterfly Gold Cups, Saucers and Mugs
(back) Suprema mug, Pyrex 1410 mug.
(front) Pyrex cup, Corelle open handle cup; with saucers.

Pyrex Compatibles in Butterfly Gold launched during spring 1972 to accompany Corelle Livingware.  This product line included ovenware & nesting bowls and Tabletop Ware accessories like butter dishes, margarine dishes, gravy boats, salt & pepper sets and napkin rings.  Most Pyrex accessories in this category were discontinued about late 1983, when the entire Compatibles Tabletop Ware line was dropped.  Three types of juice pitchers & jugs were marketed for short intervals in the early to mid 1970s.
It seems that Butterfly Gold was discontinued officially in the late 1980s or early 1990s, but the true date is unclear.  Although it was absent from the 1993 catalogue, other company literature from the mid 1990s still placed it among current products.  Selected pieces were still available for open stock purchase in the late 1990s, but boxed sets were no longer offered by then. 


Butterfly Gold Soup Plate
Butterfly Gold flat rim soup plate.


Shapes & Sizes:

Dinner Plate (10¼")
Luncheon Plate (8½")
Side Plate (6¾")
Saucer (6¼")
Open Handle Cup (6-7 oz)
Open Handle Cream & Sugar
Dessert Bowl (10 oz, 5-3/8")
Soup/Cereal Bowl (18 oz, 6¼")
Flat Rim Soup Plate (8½")
Deep Bowl (12 oz, 5")
1 Qt Serving Bowl (8½")
2 Qt Serving Bowl (10¼")
Oval Platter (12½")
Centura Cup (round-bottom, 8 oz)

Opal Pyrex:
Pyrex Cup (round-bottom, 8 oz)
Pyrex Cream & Sugar (old style - small)
Pyrex Cream & Sugar (new style - large)
1410 Mug (8-9 oz)
Butter Dish - 72
Margarine Dish - 75
Gravy Boat - 77

Clear Pyrex: 
Salt & Pepper (white finish)
Salt & Pepper (clear)
Napkin Rings
Juice Pitcher - 1 Qt (open handle)
Juice Pitcher - 1½ Qt (open handle)
Juice Bottle - 1 Qt (no handle, flask shape)
Juice Bottle - 1½ Qt (no handle, flask shape)
Beverage Jug - "1½ Qt" 56 oz (no handle/spout, smooth neck)
Beverage Jug - "2 Qt" 72 oz (no handle/spout, smooth neck)

Suprema Mug (flared, 9 oz)


Pyrex Cream & Sugar (large)
Pyrex cream & sugar set, large.



Manufacturers other than Corning produced their own versions of Butterfly Gold.  The majority of these are unofficial products and close comparison with the genuine Corelle pattern will reveal variations in the design. 

Gemco produced numerous tabletop accessories in their "Matchables" product line, using the pattern name "Pirate Gold". 

Accessory items can also be found by Dispensers Inc. as well as by other companies. 

Cheinco Housewares produced metal kitchenware and tins.

James Bradley & Assoc. sold glassware and opal pedestal mugs under the "Glassmates" brand.  A variety of different glassware was made by Libbey in various combinations of gold, brown and white on both clear and amber glass.

Termo-Rey opal glass dinnerware was produced by Brasividro.  Anchor Hocking's Athena in the Placesetters Collection is vaguely suggestive of Butterfly Gold.


1976 Corelle brochure, Butterfly Gold
Butterfly Gold, with butter dish, serving bowl (2 Qt), cream & sugar set, 1410 mug.  Image from 1976 brochure.
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