Corelle Profile: Wildflower (1978)

In late 1977 Wildflower was introduced as a standard Corning Ware pattern, and the design transitioned to Corelle's Expressions product line during mid 1978.  Similar to other Expressions patterns, bowls & saucers are decorated only with a green band, and platters have a central pattern but no band on the rim.  Wildflower's cups, creamers and sugar bowls are made of Centura.


Corelle Wildflower dinner plate
Wildflower dinner plate.
Being one of the standard Corning Ware patterns of the 1970s & 1980s, a large variety of shapes & sizes was manufactured in Wildflower.  Regular square Corning Ware shapes were offered in sizes ranging from 1¾ cup Petite Pans to 5 Qt casseroles.  Other pieces include baking pans, roasters, Menu-ette sets, Fast Food dishes, Grab-Its, Rangetoppers, Counter Savers, teapots, white-spout percolators and filter-drip coffee makers.Wildflower Corning Ware, image from 1981 catalogue

(Photo: Wildflower Corning Ware.  Image from 1981 catalogue.)
Wildflower Corelle was discontinued early 1986 when the Expressions product line was dropped, and the Corning Ware version was produced until late 1985.
Spring Bouquet: 
Before Corning Ware & Corelle, this decoration first appeared on Centura Tableware in early 1977, but it was named "Spring Bouquet" at that point.  This version was very short-lived, as the entire Centura product line was dropped mid 1977.  Spring Bouquet was designed by artist Estelle Rothstein.  In Pyrex Ware, certain aspects of Wildflower's design became Shenandoah, launched in 1981.


Corelle platter, Wildflower
Wildflower platter.
Although it is not mandatory that pattern names be registered trademarks, applications were filed in Canada for cookware and dinnerware with the Wildflower name, but for some reason they did not progress any further.  Subsequent applications were made for "Springflowers" instead, with this name being registered successfully.  So it is possible to find Wildflower in original packaging that bears the name Springflowers, but the pattern itself is the same as usual.
In the United States, the Wildflower name was an unregistered trademark, designated by ™ rather than ®.  In Australia, the Wildflower name was a fully registered trademark for Corning Ware cookware.


Springflowers Corning Ware, original box
Springflowers Corning Ware.  Image from original box.

(Photo below right: Luncheon plate.)

Shapes & Sizes:

Wildflower Luncheon PlateDinner Plate (10¼")
Luncheon Plate (8½")
Side Plate (6¾")
Saucer (6¼") *
Dessert Bowl (10 oz, 5-3/8") *
Soup/Cereal Bowl (18 oz, 6¼") *
Flat Rim Soup Plate (8½")
1 Qt Serving Bowl (8½") *
2 Qt Serving Bowl (10¼") *
Oval Platter (12½")
Expressions Centura Cup (8 oz) 
Expressions Centura Cream & Sugar
Pyrex Store 'N' See; 2.5 Qt and Salt & Pepper Shakers; Image from 1981 catalogue     
* - lime green band (bowls & saucers also match Meadow, Strawberry Sunday, Sunshine, Honeydew).

(Photo: Pyrex Store 'N' See, 2½ Qt canister and salt & pepper set.  Image from 1981 catalogue.)


Store 'N' See Containers:
An assortment of clear Pyrex Store 'N' See containers was produced in Wildflower.

Salt & Pepper - ¾ cup (6 oz)
short & narrow - ¾ cup (6 oz)
short & medium - 1 pt (2 cup, 16 oz)
short & wide - 1 Qt (4 cup, 32 oz)
tall & medium - 1½ Qt (6 cup, 48 oz)
tall & wide - 2½ Qt (10 cup, 80 oz)
Pasta Keeper - 85 oz


Corelle Wildflower side plate, cup & saucer.
Wildflower side plate, cup & saucer.  Cup is made of Centura.


Manufacturers other than Corning produced their own versions of Wildflower.  The majority of these are unofficial products and close comparison with the genuine Corelle pattern will reveal variations in the design.

Quilted fabric kitchen accessories, like pot holders and aprons, are officially licensed products that could be purchased through a mail-order offer.

Gemco and Dominion Glass made look-alikes of this pattern.  Gemco's items are confined to just two shapes in clear glass with patterned tops.

Cheinco Housewares produced metal kitchenware and tins.

A variety of glassware, even stemware, was made by Libbey, as well as other manufacturers.  Official glassware was available during the early 1980s.

One example of an electric warming tray has been noted, but nothing else is known about it.
Wildflower Grab-It, P-150  
(Photo: Corning Ware P-150 Grab-It, 15 oz)
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