Corelle Profile:
April, Blue Heather, Indian Summer, Meadow (1977)

Corelle became more vibrant during spring 1977 with the Expressions product line.  April, Blue Heather, Indian Summer and Meadow are printed with multi-coloured designs on the centre of the plate and coloured bands on the rim.  Bowls & saucers in each pattern are decorated only with a coloured band, and platters have a central pattern but no band on the rim.  Closed-handle cups, creamers and sugar bowls are made of Centura. 


Meadow Dinner Plate
Meadow dinner plate.

Corning Ware 2½ Qt Designer Casserole, Meadow(Photo: Meadow 2½ Qt Corning Ware Designer Casserole.)

Rather than Pyrex Compatibles, Corning Ware Designer Casseroles and teapots co-ordinate with the first four Expressions patterns.  In 1½ Qt & 2½ Qt sizes, the oval casseroles are comparable to certain French White shapes.  Six cup P-104 teapots also were offered in all four patterns.  The Corning Ware products remained about two years.


April Dinner Plate
April dinner plate.

April was discontinued in July 1979, and Blue Heather disappeared during late 1981 or early 1982.  Indian Summer & Meadow remained available until early 1986 when the Expressions product line was dropped.  The designer of Meadow is Patricia Luzier, and Indian Summer was designed by Cynthia Gerow.


Platter, Indian Summer
Indian Summer platter.
Meadow cup, not the usual shape         
A second type of Centura cup exists in all four patterns in this grouping.  It holds 7 oz, and its shape is borrowed from Centura Tableware.  It might be from the test marketing phase that preceded the official launch of Expressions.

(Photo: Meadow with an atypical cup style, made of Centura.)


Blue Heather: dinner plate, cup & saucer
Blue Heather: dinner plate, cup & saucer.  Cup is made of Centura.


Shapes & Sizes:

Dinner Plate (10¼")
Luncheon Plate (8½")
Side Plate (6¾")
Saucer (6¼") *
Dessert Bowl (10 oz, 5-3/8") *
Soup/Cereal Bowl (18 oz, 6¼") *
Flat Rim Soup Plate (8½") ‡
1 Qt Serving Bowl (8½") *
2 Qt Serving Bowl (10¼") *
Oval Platter (12½")

Centura Tableware Cup (7 oz)
Expressions Centura Cup (8 oz) 
Expressions Centura Cream & Sugar

* - coloured band:  April = yellow; Blue Heather = blue;  Meadow = lime green (also match Wildflower, Strawberry Sunday, Sunshine, Honeydew);  Indian Summer = rust-brown (also match Harvest Home, Oriental Wood, Ginger)

‡ - verified in Blue Heather & Indian Summer, unknown in Meadow, unlikely in April.


Indian Summer: Cup & Saucer, 10 oz Dessert Bowl.
Indian Summer: cup & saucer, dessert bowl.  Cup is made of Centura.


Store 'N' See Containers:
Clear Pyrex containers with Meadow and Indian Summer patterned lids were produced in at least four sizes. Indian Summer Corning Ware teapot, P-104 

1 pint Canister
1 Qt Canister
1½ Qt Canister
2½ Qt Canister

(Photo: Indian Summer Corning Ware teapot, P-104, 6 cups.)


Manufacturers other than Corning produced their own versions of Meadow, Blue Heather and Indian Summer.  The majority of these are unofficial products and close comparison with the genuine Corelle pattern will reveal variations in the design. 

Gemco produced numerous tabletop accessories in their Matchables product line with their own versions of Meadow (Spring) and Indian Summer (Autumn). 

Cheinco Housewares produced metal kitchenware and tins matching Meadow.

James Bradley & Assoc., with their Glassmates brand, sold opal pedestal mugs with designs based on April, Blue Heather, Indian Summer & Meadow.

A variety of glassware, even stemware, was made by unknown makers with Meadow & Indian Summer decoration.

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