Corelle Profile: Morning Blue (1982)

Morning Blue became the newest addition to the Livingware product line in 1982.  When this pattern first appeared it came with Pyrex cups and then switched to Suprema mugs in 1986.  Suprema is a type of glass-ceramic.  Although it is officially stated that this pattern is discontinued, it is still in production and can be purchased at factory outlet stores.


Corelle Morning Blue plates, three sizes.
Dinner plate, luncheon plate, side plate.
Livingware patterns were normally accompanied by Pyrex Compatibles, but Tabletop Ware and ovenware & nesting bowls were never manufactured in Morning Blue.  Although opal Pyrex products in other Corelle patterns were still marketed in the early 1980s, the Pyrex Compatibles brand name was no longer in use, and Tabletop Ware was nearing the end of its lifespan too.


Shapes & Sizes:

Dinner Plate (10¼")
Luncheon Plate (8½")
Side Plate (6¾")
Saucer (6¼")
Dessert Bowl (10 oz, 5-3/8")
Soup/Cereal Bowl (18 oz, 6¼")
Flat Rim Soup Plate (8½")
Deep Bowl (6 oz, 3¾")
Deep Bowl (12 oz, 5") 
Deep Bowl (28 oz, 6¼")
1 Qt Serving Bowl (8½")
2 Qt Serving Bowl (10¼")
Oval Platter (12½")

Opal Pyrex:
Pyrex Cup (round-bottom, 8 oz)
Pyrex Cream & Sugar (new style - large)

Suprema Mug (flared, 9 oz)


Morning Blue Pyrex cup, Corelle saucer, Suprema mug.
Pyrex cup with saucer, Suprema mug.



Licensed glassware was produced in Morning Blue.  Indiana Glass marketed a line of "Drinkware For Corelle" with a double bulge near the bottom.  Another type from Indiana Glass has a slight hour-glass shape, narrowest in the middle and flared top and bottom, and the base is flat and thin.  Libbey, or its subsidiary Crisa, produced glassware with a single bulge at the base and a narrow top.

Other licensed Coordinates include placemats from Conimar Corporation and glass counter-savers from Vance Industries.  Plastic thermal mugs also exist, marked "Corning Coordinates 1990".  Cutlery with decorated plastic handles was also offered in Morning Blue. 


Morning Blue soup plate, and deep bowls: 12 oz & 28 oz.
Soup plate, and two sizes of deep bowls: 12 oz & 28 oz.
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