British Clear Pyrex 
British Pyrex clear round casserole, 166 with S-266 lid
Round 166 (1 pt) casserole with S-266 utility lid.  In multiple sizes, casseroles with this shape were produced until the mid 1950s.  Aside from its handles, the body of the casserole is identical to an American 021.  Another distinction is the use of a utility lid on such a small casserole; in both Canada and the U.S., 021s were only offered with a knob-top lid.


British Pyrex clear 301 bowl
301 bowl, with embossed half-pint measures on the inside.  This size debuted in the U.K. about 1951, and it is the same size & shape as a U.S.-made 402.  Two larger bowls (302, 303) corresponding to American 403s & 404s arrived in 1952, but it seems that the 401 size was not duplicated in Britain.  All three sizes also became available with a coloured exterior finish in 1952.


British Pyrex, clear pudding basin, 465
Pudding basin, 465 (2½ pt).  Other sizes include: 463 (1 pt), 464 (1½ pt).  Bumps on the bottom ensure that simmering water circulates freely under the bowl during steaming.  Pudding basins were updated about 1954 and became more rounded in shape.


Clear Pyrex 385 plates, 9 inch
Medium plates, 385 (9").  Other sizes in plates are: 382 (7½"), 387 (10").  All tableware shapes & sizes also could be purchased with a coloured exterior finish, with red, blue, yellow and green being most common.


Clear Pyrex oval pie dish, 191
Oval pie dish, 191 (1½ pt).  This shape was manufactured in two more sizes: 190 (½ pt), 192 (2 pt).


Individual round casseroles, Chelsea & clear Pyrex
Individual round casseroles (8 oz), Chelsea & clear Pyrex, lids not shown.  Chelsea was introduced in 1968 and remained into the 1980s.


UK Pyrex, 7 oz Drinkups, orange & yellow
Drinkups (7 oz), orange & yellow.  An assorted four-piece set typically included orange, yellow, leaf green, olive green.  Other known colours in Drinkups are: dark grey, light grey, burgundy.  There might be others too.


JAJ Liquid measure, 1 cup
1 cup (½ pt) measuring cup, marked in ounces, millilitres and cups, all on one side.  It also states "approximate capacities" as many British measuring cups do.


Dark brown tinted 1 Litre Pyrex measuring cup
Dark brown amber tinted 1 Litre measuring cup.  Its Imperial markings stop at 1½ pt.  Typically, measuring cups are made of ordinary clear Pyrex.
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