Extra Photos: British Pyrex (Part Two) 

UK Pyrex, Mandarin 2½ Qt casserole
Mandarin casserole (2½ Qt), same size & shape as a 475.  This pattern was offered briefly during the early 1960s.


Wildfowl 1½ pint casserole
Wildfowl casserole (1½ pt), same size & shape as a 472.  Both ovenware and tableware were manufactured in this pattern, and on some pieces the duck motif is completely different.  Wildfowl was available during the early 1960s.


British Pyrex casserole, Lobster
Lobster casserole (3 pt), lid not shown.  This pattern was produced during the early 1960s.


Harvest 1 Qt casserole
Harvest casserole (1 Qt).  It is not marked with a model number, but it is exactly like an American-made 473.  In Britain, 470 & 480 Cinderella casseroles were called Junior & Senior space-saver casserole sets instead.  Harvest dates to the early to mid 1960s.


June Rose nesting bowls
June Rose.  They are identical to 441 & 442 Cinderella bowls, but are not marked with model numbers.  This pattern dates to the late 1960s.


Autumn Glory & June Rose nesting bowls
Autumn Glory (1 pt) & June Rose (1½ pt) nesting bowls.  With three little feet on the bottom, they are also designed to function as pudding basins.  The Autumn Glory bowl, marked 701, is a newer type.  The older June Rose example has a thicker rounded rim, and it is not marked with a model number.


British Pyrex soup plate, red wheat design
Soup plate (8½"), red wheat design.  The pattern's name and introduction date are not known, but this example was manufactured in 1965.


Matchmaker cup & saucer, JAJ Pyrex
Matchmaker cup & saucer.  This pattern was offered during the mid to late 1960s in both tableware and ovenware.  An orange & red version of Matchmaker also exists in certain shapes & sizes, specifically gravy boats and rectangular platters, and there might be more.


British Pyrex soup/cereal bowl, 632, decorated with a harvesting scene
Soup/cereal bowl, pattern name not known.  It depicts a wheat harvesting scene.  The bowl's model number is 632, and this example was made in 1967.


Individual round casseroles, Chelsea & clear Pyrex
Individual round casseroles (8 oz), Chelsea & clear Pyrex, lids not shown.  Chelsea was introduced in 1968 and remained into the 1980s.


JAJ Pyrex, Checkers 513 casserole
Checkers 513 (3 pt) round casserole.  This pattern first appeared about 1969 and remained until 1971.  It was offered in both ovenware and tableware.


Autumn Glory 1 pint casserole
Autumn Glory casserole (1 pt).  Although the casserole is identical to a 471, its lid is different from typical American 470-series lids.  It is deeper and the handles are longer.  This alteration occurred in the UK about 1970, and older British lids are the same as American ones.  Autumn Glory debuted about 1969.


JAJ Pyrex, 509 round casserole
Round casserole, 509 (2 pt).  The name of the rust-brown & blue pattern is not known.  There is a blue & black version too.  This example was manufactured in 1970.


Orange 2001 Casserole, 509
Orange 2001 Casserole, 509 (2 pt).  A 513 (3 pt), also could be purchased, and both sizes offered a choice of Orange or Turquoise, the latter being a dark teal colour.  Available during 1971 & 1972, they were named "2001" because they were guaranteed up to December 31 2001.


Blue & green dinner plate, unknown pattern
Blue & green dinner plate, pattern name unknown.  The plate itself was manufactured in 1971.


UK Pyrex, 7 oz Drinkups, orange & yellow
Drinkups (7 oz), orange & yellow.  An assorted four-piece set typically included orange, yellow, leaf green, olive green.  Other known colours in Drinkups are: dark grey, light grey, burgundy.  There might be others too.


Silver Birch oblong casserole, 542
Silver Birch 542 (3 pt) oblong casserole.  The shape is comparable to an American 575 Space Saver, but having more rounded contours, it is not identical.  Silver Birch debuted in 1972.


Chelsea demi-tasses & saucers, British Pyrex
Chelsea demi-tasses & saucers (3½ oz).  The cup's shape is practically identical to demi-tasses made of Centura glass-ceramic in the U.S. during the 1970s.


JAJ Liquid measure, 1 cup
1 cup (½ pt) measuring cup, marked in ounces, millilitres and cups, all on one side.  It also states "approximate capacities" as many British measuring cups do.


Dark brown tinted 1 Litre Pyrex measuring cup
Dark brown amber tinted 1 Litre measuring cup.  Its Imperial markings stop at 1½ pt.  Typically, measuring cups are made of ordinary clear Pyrex.


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