Extra Photos: Corning Ware 
Wildflower P-83 12 cm skillet
Wildflower P-83 12 cm (6½") skillet.  It is part of the three-piece Menu-ette Set, along with a P-81 (1 pt) saucepan, and a P-82 (1½ pt) saucepan.  A P-83 skillet was also part of the two-piece Du-ette set, paired with a P-89 (2½ cup) saucepan with a spout.  Menu-ette Sets first appeared in 1965.


Blue Cornflower P-89
Blue Cornflower P-89 (2½ cup) saucepan with a spout, lid not shown.  Although it is practically the same as a P-82, the P-89 was never included in a Menu-ette Set.  It could be purchased individually and it was part of certain large Corning Ware sets too.  In a two-piece Du-ette Set, it was combined with a P-83 skillet.  P-89s debuted in 1978 and disappeared about 1985.


Corning Ware P-10 skillet, pattern name unknown
P-10 Skillet (9½").  If the pattern has an official name, it is not known.  It depicts eight blue five-pointed stars.  Corning Ware in this pattern was distributed as a gift premium by the American Oil Company around 1971.

Other unique shapes with this decoration are: P-41 & P-43 Petite Pans, P-55 Saucemaker, P-4 Covered Baking Dish, P-9 Skillet.  Regular square casseroles/saucepans were manufactured in at least two sizes (P-1 & P-1¾) and there might be others too.


Wildflower Counter Saver
Wildflower Counter Saver, made of Corning Ware.  Certain newer Counter Savers matching Corelle or Pyrex patterns are made of ordinary clear glass instead, with a white plastic coating applied to the back.

Genuine Corning Ware glass-ceramic Counter Savers were available in: Blue Cornflower, Floral Bouquet, Spice O' Life, Country Festival, Wildflower, White.


Corning Ware, solid green 2½ Qt
Solid green square casserole/saucepan, 2½ Qt.  It is dark olive green, a deeper colour than the Avocado Round product line.


Corning Ware, solid green, Cornflower logo
Solid green, square: Cornflower emblem on the inside, also green.  No details are known about this item, except that it is Canadian.


Corning Ware made in France, oval baking dish
Oval baking dish, made in France, pattern name unknown.  It is branded with "Corning".  A different variety of Corning Ware shapes and patterns are produced in France and marketed mainly in Europe and Asia.
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