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I have been a dedicated collector of Corelle, Pyrex and Corning Ware since 2005, and whenever I can, I enjoy adding Centura and MacBeth-Evans products to my collection too.  This website is a personal project, and its purpose is to compile original research and to share solid factual information.

My sources are company catalogues & brochures, magazine & newspaper advertisements, and retail trade journals.  I do not rely on collector's reference books for content, and I do my very best to avoid second-hand misinformation.  There is already enough misinformation about, particularly on popular internet sites, and even best-selling reference books are inadequately researched and hardly worth reading.
A Corelle Corner editorial staffer conducts a study and prepares to report her findings.You will probably see some assertions on this site that contradict commonly-held beliefs.  That is because the goal here is to aim for the truth rather than repeating all the popular misconceptions, vague anecdotes, and invented nicknames.
When you can find numerous sources that report the same information, it might seem like the experts have arrived at a trustworthy consensus.  But rather than reaching the same conclusion by careful and independent analysis, many websites and books are simply copying from each other.  That situation gives poor quality information more traction than it deserves, and a lot of the misinformation currently circulating originates from a much older website that contains some extraordinary errors.
Pyrex or Corning Ware topics that are adequately explained by another source are not covered here.  Not that I'm unaware of certain products, but in some cases I have not been able to independently find better information.
This website is meant to be my own personal contribution, and simply reiterating the research of others seems dishonest to me.  But it is a practice that others are not ashamed of, and a Pyrex reference book has even been published containing entire blocks of text copied & pasted directly from this website, punctuation and all, without permission.  See: Didn't you just copy this from a book? 
There are hundreds of Corelle patterns and this site will never address them all.  The best place to look for information on current patterns is the official Corelle site.  Patterns from the past are the focus at Corelle Corner.  What is not provided here is a Corelle pattern ID section.  This has been done in excellent fashion already and I highly recommend another site for that purpose.  See: Pattern ID Links.
A frequent contributor to Corelle Corner knows the importance of hands-on research.This site is a constant work in progress and if you do not find the information you need today, it might appear in the future.  The "What's New" section highlights major updates and new additions. 
You are encouraged to be resourceful and use the Search box (top right), which works well if you know what something is called.  But also make an attempt at exploring the menus and learning how this website is organized.  Never assume that data is presented in a manner that answers your exact question at a glance, and always be aware of the specific context of each article.  Be curious and explore the "Related Articles" listed at the bottom of almost every page.
The best way to gain the most insight is to take the time to read each article in its entirety because identifying or dating a piece is sometimes more complex than you might expect.  Photos are a powerful visual cue, but they never tell the whole story; if I do not own a complete set, I cannot provide a picture of a complete set.  Filling in some of the blanks are catalogue pages and magazine advertisements which have been scanned either by me or by a generous friend from whom I have permission for posting the images on this site.
Corelle Corner is not affiliated with World Kitchen or Corning Inc., and content provided on this site has been gained without direct assistance or inside knowledge from those companies.  But gathering the data has not been a completely solitary pursuit.  In particular, to my long-distance Pyrex pal, I hope you know that I am deeply grateful for all the assistance you have provided.  It is the sole reason that I have been able to attempt this project at all, and I am most appreciative!  Another very generous contributor is my webmaster, who has been very patient and diligent.  He is supportive enough to learn the names of all my tea cups and is a fantastic sounding board for my ideas.  Thank you! 
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Site issues may be reported here.  In case you have not noticed it already, Corelle Corner is a personal website that does NOT represent the manufacturer of Corelle, Corning Ware, or Pyrex.  Inquiries of a customer service nature will not receive a response because I have no authority or responsibility in this capacity.