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April 6, 2014

An impressive quantity of Corning Ware & Corelle literature has arrived courtesy of a very generous contributor, and we are especially appreciative of their time and effort in making these pages available to us.  Thank you!

Latest addition: 1963 Electromatics Use & Care Percolator, Skillet & Platter.

Recent new photos: Pacific Bloom creamer, "country festival" Dominion Glass, British 166/266 casserole, Checkers 513 casseroleFireside 502, Terra 472, New multi-colour 400-series, Daisy 400-series, red & orange 400-series213 loaf in Teleflora stand.

Three articles from Photo Gallery have become nine articles that are now accessible here: Non-Standard Pyrex.

A Pyrex reference book released in 2013 has created an unpleasant circumstance, and I am reluctantly obliged to explain my side of it.  At the very least I need to dispel any potential confusion or belief that plagiarism exists at Corelle Corner.

Content published on the internet is protected by copyright law as securely as printed books are.  In any medium, no one is entitled to copy the written work of another and reproduce it without permission.  The individual who compiled the book has missed many opportunities to act with integrity.  They did not ask for my consent, and have given no explanation or apology.  I have certainly not received any gratitude or compensation for my "participation" in their publication.


Corelle Stack


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Welcome to Corelle Corner!

Corelle has been a familiar sight in kitchens since 1970.  Lightweight, affordable and with unprecedented durability, it was selling faster than it could be produced during its first decade. 

When it was introduced, there had never before been a single dominating brand in the dinnerware market.  At the price point in which Corelle was competing, choices were mainly limited to earthenware and plastics.  Neither of these completely fulfilled consumer's expectations with respect to durability, attractiveness, and versatility of use.

Corelle stack

With all of Corelle's advantages, plus a two year guarantee, it quickly became a best-seller with sales figures in the millions within months.  For total co-ordination on the tabletop, Pyrex Compatibles were launched in 1972 as an accompaniment for Corelle.